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Publication Updates: Jan 2014 Carroll group publishes ChIP-exo method for Illumina NGS

last modified Aug 22, 2014 02:23 PM

The Carroll group recently published a method to allow improved ChIP-seq analysis. ChIP-exo greatly increases the resolution of ChIP peaks by digesting away DNA not directly bound by the protein of interest. The method is more involved than traditional ChIP-seq but should allow much less seqeuncig to achieve the same sensitivity.

Their ChIP-exo of the ER pioneer factor FoxA1 identified protected DNA with a predictable 8 bp overhang from the Forkhead motif, which they termed "mesas" due to their similarity to the geological features of the same name.

Development of an Illumina-based ChIP-exonuclease method provides insight into FoxA1-DNA binding properties

The Genomics Core performed the sequencing in this study.