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Sample submission guidelines

 Illumina sequencing libraries prepared by you:

  • Submitting libraries via the LIMS: Libraries should be submitted by the ‘owner’ of the libraries and user accounts can be requested via this link on the front page.  All information relevant to the library needs to be included when entering into the LIMS.  If you have any questions about submitting a library via the LIMS contact the. It is possible to check the progress of your library through the sequencing process via the LIMS.
  • Submit libraries as 10-20nM in a volume of AT LEAST 15ul, in a 1.5ml eppendorf pre-labelled with the SLX-ID on top of the tube: email the  for these.
  • All libraries submitted for sequencing will need to be approved by the senior member of your group authorised to do so.
  • Libraries will be stored by the Genomics Core for three months and then disposed of. As we will only have an aliquot of your library this should not present too many problems. However if you wish to collect your library after sequencing please contact us. We would not recommend submission of your total library prep.


DNA & RNA for Illumina library preparation by us:

We recommend you get the current library prep submission guidelines by logging into LabLink. Any questions please get in touch.

Library prep submission guidlines table:

Library prep submission guidelines table

  • Quantify your nucleic acid using a fluorescent dye, e.g. Invitrogen Qubit or PicoGreen. Do not use the Nanodrop.
  • Dilute your nucleic acid in nuclease-free water (RNA) or elution buffer (DNA)
  • If submitting DNA, check the quality of each sample (if possible) or a representative subsample on a 1% Agarose gel to check for high molecular weight DNA.
  • If submitting RNA, check the quality of each sample on the Bioanalyzer and check for a RIN > 8.
  • For a ChIPseq experiment, perform the chromatin-IP and submit the ChIP'ed DNA. We do not specify a minimum quantity for a ChIPseq experiment, please submit what you have. Include at least one input control (5ng in 55ul)
  • If the required library prep is not listed contact The Genomics Core to request a boutique project. This service is only available to researchers within CRUK Cambridge Institute.
  • Every library prep project must contain 2 empty wells in positions G12 and H12. Controls for these positions are provided by genomics.