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Fluidigm technology

We have two systems from Fluidigm, the BioMark and Access Array. They also sell the C1 for single cell analsyis, although we don't have one (yet).

The Fluidigm BioMark:

The BioMark is a highly parallelized and miniaturised real-time PCR instrument allowing you to run 1000’s or even 10,000’s of reactions per day in microfludic chips. The system has been used primarily for digital-PCR and AccessArray amplification of loci for Illumina sequencing. It can also be used for TaqMan and SYBR-based gene expression and genotyping analysis. Microfluidic- chips come in 48x48 and 96x96 format combining either 48 or 96 samples and assays allowing ~2,500 or ~10,000 reactions per run. It uses around 5ul of sample/assay per run by performing nanolitre reactions, this may require a pre-amplification step which would not be used in a standard qPCR experiment.

The Fluidigm AccessArray:

The Access Array uses the same microfluidic technology as the Biomark and allows 48 DNA samples to be PCR amplified for 48 loci (or 48 pools of <20 loci) whcich can then be seqeunced directly on the HiSeq or MISeq.

The Fluidigm C1:

The  C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System uses the same microfluidic technology as the Biomark and allows up to 96 single cells to be captured from a cell suspension. You can profile unique genomes and transcriptomes. The  C1 can extract, reverse transcribe and amplify cDNA ready for Nextera-based libarry prep and HiSeq seqeuncing.

Training and access:

Simply book training and time on the machines to use them. The training does cost around £2000 each time for up to 5 people so the CIGC will help co-ordinate this with other interested users.

Buying chips to run:

Purchase your own chips and reagents for gene-expression, genotyping and digital PCR, the CIGC holds a small stock of chips and reagents for AccessArray amplification.