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We run RNA-seq instead of microarrays for all our differential gene expression analysis, microarrays are still being used for some copy number, methylation, and microRNA expression, (although each of these is being supplanted by NGS) and the core offers access to these arrays as required by scientists at the CI.

Talk to us about the use of microarrays and we'll help guide your choice of platform and service provider. We can even arrange to get quotes and submit samples if you need help with that.


Gene expression arrays:

Illumina gene expression array services are possible via the University of Cambridge Department of Pathology


CNV & LOH arrays:

Most of our copy-number analysis is now done by low-coverage whole genome sequencing and analysis using QDNAseq. However for LOH you may be better off running SNP-arrays.

We facilitate copy-number and LOH microarray analysis via two service providers:


Methylation arrays:

Whilst we don’t run Illumina methylation arrays in-house we can help find services that do. We have previously used Cambridge Genomics Services: a UoC academic facility in the Department of Pathology.

You might also consider RRBS, MeDIP-seq, ChIP-seq or Bisulfite-seq as NGS applications over microarrays.