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Real-Time PCR

We have two Life Technolgies QuantStudio6 instruments for gene expression and genotyping analysis. These are both set for 384well plates use by default.

Training on the QuantStudio is available and covers set-up of sybr green based quatification of Illumina sequencing libraries, the different assays and instructions on how to use the software that runs on the machines. In addition, experimental design and analysis methods can be discussed. Users are encouraged to ask for help and trouble-shooting if needed.

There is a list of useful documents and protocols at the bottom of this page, please let us know if you think something is missing that would be useful to others.

We also have the Fluidigm Biomark system for high-throughput real-time PCR and Fluidigm Access Array for next-generation amplicon re-sequencing library prep.

How to get reagents for Real-Time PCR:

We stock the following items for you to use. Come down and collect reagents as you need them, you will need to sign out your request on the forms in the lab.

  • ABI Fast Sybr Green master mix in 2ml aliquots
  • ABI 384 well clear reaction plates with barcode
  • ABI optical adhesive film covers

Useful documents and protocols

RealTime PCR workflow

Taqman assays and Probes

Fast vs Standard



Endogenous control validation


Optimisation of cDNA concentration